Polish photographer, translator, traveler and tour guide.

I work in traditional and digital media. I was involved in many different subjects, but recently my interest in focused on a human being: the body treated as an area of mediation between internal and external world and problems with self-identification and identity (cycles: „Tatoo - Body”, „Wrestling”, „Ersatz”, „Dreams”, „Untuned”, „Home Edition”).
Solo and group exhibitions:

2023     "Home Edition" (48 Stunden Neukölln Art Festival)/ Notes of Berlin/ Berlin/ Germany/ (group show)
2015     "Timespace" (9. Biennial of Photography)/ CK Zamek/ Poznań/ Poland/ (group exhibition)
2014     "Home Edition - Polaroids"/ Art Gallery WOZOWNIA/ Toruń/ Poland/ (solo exhibition)
             "Untuned"/ Art Gallery Kamienica Lamus/ Gorzów Wielkopolski/ Poland/ (solo exhibition)
2013     "Untuned"/ Art Gallery WOZOWNIA/ Toruń/ Poland/ (solo exhibition)
             "Instant Curiosities" (8. Biennial of Photography)/ City Art Gallery Arsenał/ Poznań/ Poland/ (group exhibition)
2010     "Poznań - Budapest. 1956 - today"/ Déri Muzeum/ Debrecen/ Hungary/ (solo exhibition)
2008     "Poznań - Budapest. 1956 - today"/ Polish Institut/ Budapest/ Hungary/ (solo exhibition)
             "Ersatz"/ Österreichisches Kulturforum Warschau/ Warsaw/ Poland/ (solo exhibition)
2007     "Nachbar[in] - The Next Generation"/ FLUSS/ Wolkersdorf/ Austria/ (group exhibition)
             "Leipzig 1996 – Łódź 2006"/ House of Handicraft/ Murmansk/ Russia/ (solo exhibition)
2006     "Ersatz"/ Art Gallery Szyperska/ Poznań/ Poland/ (solo exhibition)
             "Leipzig 1996 – Lódź 2006"/ Gallery Carte Blanche/ Łódź/ Poland/ (solo exhibition)
2004     "Tattoo - Body"/ Photo Gallery Korytarz/ Jelenia Góra/ Poland/ (solo exhibition)
2000     "Exhibition of the young artists"/ Art Gallery BWA/ Jelenia Góra/ Poland/ (group exhibition)
1999     "Nude"/ Photo Gallery JTF/ Jelenia Góra/ Poland/ (solo exhibition)

Photo workshops:
2007     "Zur Person" for FLUSS (NÖ Initiative für Foto- und Medienkunst)/ Wolkersdorf/ Austria
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